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Onyx 2 Sgi 320
Extensive computational, visualization and virtual reality (VR) facilities are available for the research staff of the Center, and staff associates have opportunities to work towards graduate degrees. These include a 16-node cluster with 2.2ghz processors with a total of 22gb memory, 880gb hard disk, as well as a number of personal computers with 1.9ghz dual athlon processors, and an SGI Onyx2 Infinite Reality with 6 CPUs and 2gb memory.
Onyx 2 The AEE Center also has access to a number of computers outside Langley including a 1904 processor Cray T3E and a 512 processor Origin 3000. Also access to the Data Visualization and Animation Laboratory (DVAL) and the GEOmetry LABoratory (GEOLAB) within the Information Systems Division (ISSD) of NASA Langley is available.

Computer Facilites for Support of Computational Engineering

The computer facilities at Old Dominion University includes a wide set of capabilities that range from workstations to high performance parallel computers to state-of-the-art 3-D visualization environments. These facilities are coupled by a high-speed (100 Mb/sec) network. Many of these facilities are housed in the recently built Engineering & Computational Sciences Building (ECSB).  Many of the faculty that work in the area of computational science have offices and laboratories in this
building which creates a synergetic research environment.

The high performance environment is anchored by several parallel computers managed by
the Office of Computing and Communication Services.  These machines include:

  • 96 node cluster environment, 64 and 30 node parallel configurations (SUN Fire V20z), Linux OS
  • 32 cluster nodes (SUN Fire V20z), Linux OS
  • 64 node SMP (SUN Enterprise 10000), Solaris OS
  • 8 node SMP (SUN Enterprise 3500), Solaris OS
  • 8 node SMP (SUN Enterprize 2900), Solaris OS
  • 32 node workstation environment (PC hardware), Linux OS

In addition to the above systems, there are several smaller cluster systems that are maintained by various faculty and staff to support research.

This computing environment is supported by data storage system (over 14 TB of on-line storage)
that provides:

  1. a large, high-speed disk space (scratch) to support executing jobs;
  2. a 3-tier file storage system
    • tier 1:  fiber channel disk "cache" for highest speed access
    • tier 2:  large disk farm for short term storage
    • tier 3:  a tape system for long term storage

For additional information about the Center contact:
Professor Ahmed K. Noor
Director, Center for Advanced Engineering Environments

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