Facilities Visualization

Intelligent Collaborative Visualization Hub

  - Autostereoscopic Display (for displaying three-dimensional images that can be viewed without the use of special headgear or glasses on the part of the user)
  - Touchlight Display (with gesture-based and multimodal interaction)
  - Ipresence (Teleimmersion facility which combines tele-presence, eye-to-eye contact over distance)
TableTop  - Tabletop Display (a multi-user, debris-tolerant, touch-and-gesture-activated screen for supporting small group collaboration)
  - Icatcher (3d stereo projector, just like I-Max experience)

VR Facilities

The VR facilities include an advanced visualization display system with Active Stereo, rear-projected with two Christie Digital Mirage 4000 projectors, 8000 lumen total, 2300x1024 native resolution in dual side-by-side with edge blending (active area 13'6" by 5'10') and Intersense ultrasonic tracking. The research staff has access to the CAVE and Power Wall VR facilities at NASA Langley.

For additional information about the Center contact:
Professor Ahmed K. Noor
Director, Center for Advanced Engineering Environments

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