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International Space Station - U.S. module with Russian MIR components, European, Japanese and Canadian modules; a) The Columbus Orbital Facility (COF), Europe’s Laboratory on the International Space Station. b) The Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) consists of pressurized module (PM) and Exposed Facility (EF) with Experiment Logistics Module (ELM) attached to each of them; and Remote Manipulator Systems (courtesy of NASA Johnson, the European Space Agency and the National Space Development Agency of Japan).
Artist’s rendering of the X-38 technology demonstrator, a multi-purpose core vehicle designed to meet the generic entry vehicle requirements for the space station crew return vehicle (courtesy of NASA).
The European Crew Transport Vehicle (CTV) and the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV). CTV can be used to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station. It can also be used for microgravity experiments, and at a later state, as a manned or unmanned moon/Earth transfer vehicle. The ATV will be used for the transport of payloads in a controlled pressurized environment to the International Space Station. It will be launched into an elliptical transfer orbit by Ariane 5, and performs automatically the necessary orbital transfer and rendezvous maneuvers until its docking to the station (courtesy of the European Space Agency).

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