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Orbital Sciences Corp. X-34 small reusable technology demonstrator vehicle. The X-34 vehicle of the TSTO program is a single engine rocket with short wings and a small tail surface. The vehicle is 58.3 ft. long, 27.7 ft. wide at wingtip and 11-1/2 ft. tall from the bottom of the fuselage to the top of the tail. This vehicle will fly at Mach 8 and reach an altitude of 250,000 ft. It will demonstrate low-cost reusability, autonomous landing, subsonic flights through rain and safe abort conditions.
Lockheed Martin’s next generation RLV X-33/VentureStar. VentureStar will carry payloads up to 40,000 lb. in a 45 ft. ´ 15 ft. cargo bay in the 127 ft. long space vehicle.
Two-stage low-cost reusable booster concept for small payloads (courtesy of NASA Marshall).
Advanced magnetic lifter sled launched rocket based combined cycle (RBCC) launch vehicle (courtesy of John Frassanito & Associates and NASA Marshall).
Air Breathing & Rocket Propulsion
Rocket-Based Combined Cycle X-Vehicle (RBCC)
Low-Cost Commercial Orbital Transfer
Advanced Mars Transportation
Solar Thermal Upper Stage concept for cargo/robotic small body and planetary transfer (courtesy of NASA Marshall).

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