Our nation's success in pioneering the next generation of aerospace and other high tech engineering systems depends in part on our ability to integrate and deploy the most advanced computational, communication, networking, human performance and other revolutionary and leading edge technologies into the analysis, design, testing and manufacturing process. This can be accomplished by developing intelligent engineering environments to allow diverse teams to work together and share information, in a synergistic manner, to develop efficient virtual prototypes of complex engineering systems. The environments can significantly reduce development times, lower life-cycle costs, and improve the quality and performance of future engineering systems.

Leading this effort with funding from NASA is the Old Dominion University's Center for Advanced Engineering Environments. Center staff work closely with researchers from NASA, other universities, and with many major software vendors to incorporate new developments into commercial systems, making research advances available to industry in a timely manner.

Created in January 2001, the Center for Advanced Engineering Environments (CAEE) serves as a focal point for the diverse research activities pertaining to Collaborative distributed Cognitive Knowledge discovery and exploitation (beyond AI), Cognitive Cyber-Physical Ecosystems (Beyond Autonomous systems), Multisensory Immersive Cyber-Learning Environments (incorporating the 4C's of customized / collaborative learning), multi-physics / multi-scale visual simulations (with big data visual analytics), and Intelligent synthesis. These activities include the synergistic coupling of modeling, visual simulations, cognitive software agents, multisensory immersive environments, novel human-computer interaction modalities, computational intelligence, computational, information and collaboration technologies in the multidisciplinary analysis, sensitivity studies, optimization, design and operation of complex engineering systems. The Center is located at the Old Dominion University Peninsula Higher Education Center in Hampton, Virginia and is a department center of the Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology of Old Dominion University. The Center has the following five specific objectives:

  1. Conduct innovative research on applications of the aforementioned research areas to complex engineering systems.
  2. Develop innovative paradigms, technologies, strategies and approaches for advanced learning / training environments.
  3. Act as pathfinder, by demonstrating to the research community what can be done (high-potential, high-risk research).
  4. Help identify future directions of research in support of future complex engineering systems.
  5. Form strategic partnerships with technology providers, industry and research organizations to accelerate technology and workforce developments.

In addition to research, the activities of the Center include forming partnerships and collaborative agreements with leading universities, industry and software vendors who are developing collaborative distributed engineering Knowledge discovery and exploitation tools, and intelligent synthesis environments for future aerospace and other high-tech engineering systems; organizing workshops and national symposia; and writing state-of-the-art monographs and special publications on timely topics.

For additional information about the Center contact:
Professor Ahmed K. Noor
Director, Center for Advanced Engineering Environments

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