Overview & Instructions

The CAEE Podcast Alerts application allows you to select and track audio and video podcasts from a variety of space and technology-related sources, as well as any other RSS-formatted podcast feed sources you wish to add. These podcast feeds appear in panes and update automatically in your browser, bringing you a constant stream of the most recent episodes.


The podcast alert application displays six podcasts by default, but you can alter the page to display any number of podcasts you like. The easiest way to add a new podcast is to open the Add Content pane (by clicking the Add Content link at the top left of the screen) and select a title from the provided list.

Add Content Pane

Add Your Own

You can also add your own podcast by entering the following data into the Add Content form:

When you're done, simply click the Create button and the podcast will be added to the top left position on the page. Similarly, if you select an existing podcast from the list, the new podcast pane will be added at the top left.

Feed pane bar

Changing Settings

Once you have added a new podcast pane, you can edit the settings by moving your mouse over the blue podcast pane menu and clicking the Edit link. The edit menu for that pane will open to reveal the same settings as the Add Content pane.

To change settings for a podcast pane, simply change the desired settings and click the Save button. Then click the Close Edit link at the top of the pane to close the Edit menu.

Each feed can also be manually refreshed by clicking the icon in the blue pane menu bar.

To delete a podcast pane, simply click the "X" icon in the blue pane menu bar.

The headlines displayed in the podcast panes are color coded according to date. All headlines colored red are published as of the current date. All headlines from previous dates are colored black and display the dates on which they were published.

Subscribe Using iTunes

If you wish to subscribe to a podcast and have future episodes automatically downloaded for later listening, the recommended method is to subscribe via Apple's iTunes. Be sure to download and install iTunes (it's free) before clicking the button to subscribe to the podcast.