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Publication No.:AEE-44
Author(s):Ahmed K. Noor and Sven A. Beiker
Title:Intelligent and Connected - Automated Cars that communicate
Publication Info:Feature Article, Mechanical Engineering, November 2012, pp. 32 - 37.
Publication No.:AEE-43
Author(s):Ahmed K. Noor
Title:Emerging interdisciplinary fields in the coming intelligence / convergence era
Publication Info:Vision Article, Central European Journal of Engineering, Vol. 2, No. 3, 2012, pp. 315 - 324.
Publication No.:AEE-42
Author(s):Ahmed K. Noor
Title:Training for the Next Wave - Preparing engineers and the workforce for Complex Adaptive Systems
Publication Info:Feature Article, Mechanical Engineering, March 2012, pp. 34 - 37.
Publication No.:AEE-41
Author(s):Ahmed K. Noor
Title:The world is more than Complicated – Complex Adaptive Systems
Publication Info:Feature Article, Mechanical Engineering, Nov. 2011, pp. 30 - 35
Publication No.:AEE-40
Author(s):Ahmed K. Noor
Title:Learning and Engineering Practice in the Coming Intelligence Era
Publication Info:Proceedings of the Research Conference on Information Technology, University of Pecs, Hungary, October 24-25, 2011, pp. A3-A17.
Publication No.:AEE-39
Author(s):Ahmed K. Noor
Title:Intelligent Adaptive Cyber-Physical Ecosystem for Aerospace Engineering Education, Training and Accelerated Workforce Development
Publication Info:Feature article, Journal of Aerospace Engineering, ASCE, Volume 24, Issue 4, October 2011, pp. 403 - 408.
Publication No.:AEE-38
Author(s):Ahmed K. Noor
Title:Emerging CAE Technologies and their role in Future Ambient Intelligence Environments
Publication Info:Central European Journal of Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2011, pp. 2 - 8.
Publication No.:AEE-37
Author(s):Ahmed K. Noor
Title:Preparing for the Intelligence Era
Publication Info:Feature Article, Mechanical Engineering, Nov. 2010, pp. 24 - 29
Publication No.:AEE-36
Author(s):Ahmed K. Noor
Title:Pathway to future virtual world technologies and their role in virtual product creation and learning
Publication Info:Innovation in Engineering Computational Technology, Saxe-Coburg Publications, Glasgow, 2010.
Publication No.:AEE-35
Author(s):Ahmed K. Noor
Title:Potential of virtual worlds for remote space exploration
Publication Info:Advances in Engineering Software, vol.41, issue 4, pp.666-673, April 2010.
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