Intelligent Virtual Iron Bird Components

This includes integrated modeling, simulation and visualization of vehicle subsystems, ontology-based knowledge representation and life-cycle knowledge management. Advanced modeling, simulation and visualization tools will be used in conjunction with intelligent software agents. The models will be based on legacy data, engineering data and 3D CAD model, and can be displayed on a variety of platforms, as well as on distributed heterogeneous immersive virtual environments.

The simulations will include the vehicle components and the environments around them. Intuitive, easy-to-use multimodal interfaces will be provided. An elaborate collaborative distributed life-cycle knowledge management system will provide the capability to retrieve and modify various types of data coming from disparate sources. It will integrate the vehicle master database with the on-board inventory information, and the problem reporting and corrective action database, thereby mitigating engineering management risks.

It will also be used to link the objects in the virtual environment with hierarchical trees of the data associated with the objects. Facilities will be provided for distributed collaboration among geographically dispersed teams.