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Vision for ODU CAEE

  A Step Closer to Mars
  Disruptions of Progress
  Space Calls
  The Next Century of Air Power
  Hundred Years of Flight
  Plenty of Room in the Air
  New Links For Learning in a Changing Profession
  Fresh air, wide-open space
  Great out of the small
  Ready for the future?
  A New Frontier in Engineering

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  Advanced and Multimodal Interfaces
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  Disruptive Technologies
  Earned Value Management
  Future High-Tech Systems
  Getting Back to the Moon
  Knowledge Capture
  Knowledge Management
  Lessons Learned
  Modeling & Simulation
  Performance Enhancement
  Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission
  Product Data Management
  Product Life Cycle Management
  Project Management
  Risk Management
  Safety & Mission Assurance
  Space Shuttle Return to Flight
  Systems of Systems
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For additional information about the Center contact:
Professor Ahmed K. Noor
Director, Center for Advanced Engineering Environments

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